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Sunday 28 February
Sunday 17 April

Our Play Taiko introductory workshop is a fast and fun way to get fit, make friends and learn to play a musical instrument.

Workshops run for 90 minutes, once every month (except March and December) on a Sunday at our studio in Ultimo, NSW.


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Don’t miss your chance to learn taiko from Australia’s premiere taiko artists.

All education programs are developed by our professional, passionate and dedicated teaching staff. Our weekly classes cater for all skill levels and ages. No prior musical experience necessary.

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What a wonderful time it’s been working with Chieko again. After an intense week-long rehearsal period refining The Beauty Of 8 with her, and then having the pleasure of performing together on the stage of the Melbourne Recital Centre, Taikoz and our students enjoyed another great workshop with Chieko last Sunday. The students were also treated to an in-studio, up-close performance of Hana-Hachijo. And what a great experience it was for the students to have that opportunity - while the concert hall/theater experience can be a wonderful one, there’s nothing like seeing and hearing playing of this caliber in such intimate surrounds. Our studio's acoustic may not be very flattering and the florescent lights not very atmospheric, but our little audience all felt the energy, tasted the sweat and saw the love!

Another aspect of Chieko’s performance, as with all great artists, is a sense of musical line - to the point that we can hear melodies emerging from her taiko... not just rhythm, but true melody. It is one of my frustrations that I often hear taiko (& for that matter, other drums) played with little thought towards beating spots. If a player of another instrument played with the same inattention, all we’d be hearing is wrong notes! In other words, attention to where bachi meets skin is of super importance - a player must know exactly where they are striking, so they can create not just a nice sound, but sound with intent... and a musical line. And to hear Chieko is to hear melody! (And my aim when accompanying her, harmony, too).

So many thanks and best wishes to Chieko as she heads back to Japan. Let’s hope we can play The Beauty Of 8 again soon!
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It's always a great pleasure to come back and we won't forget your warm welcome on Saturday night.
Many thanks to the Melbourne Recital Center (what an amazing space!) and to Chieko & Riley for bringing their special magic to the stage.

Photography by Michael Christian
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