Breathe! Breathing Workshop with Dr Riley Lee

Riley’s workshops in breathing are simply breathtaking! And if you think it’s going to be nice and easy, think again… you’ll be just as exhausted as at the end of a taiko-playing session!

Assumptions underlying these exercises are…

–          There is a healthy (optimal) way to breathe

–          Most of us do not breathe in this way much of the time

–          Simple breathing exercises can benefit almost everyone on both physical 
and metaphysical levels, by increasing the time we breathe optimally

–          Better breath awareness leads to better control over all aspects of your 

–          Tension hinders optimal breathing

–          Awareness encourages optimal breathing. 
Breathing requires whole body, not just our lungs and inhalation/exhalation muscles. Warm up exercises remind us to use more of the body than just the lungs and associated muscles. Breathing exercises will help you play taiko better!

Course dates and times to be advised.

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