January Intensive 2016 – its a wrap!

Another Taikoz January Intensive has wrapped and we’re all rapt, too! Special Guest Tiffany Tamaribuchi was a huge hit (pun totally intended) and we look forward to seeing her back in Australia before too long. Many thanks to all of the participants – it couldn’t have happened without you all. Players of all ages came not only from home state NSW, but also Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, and a great time was had by all – learning, playing and sharing through the sound of the taiko. Check out this lovely photo from Karen Steains. Hope to see you all again in 2017!

The Beauty Of 8 – It’s a wrap!


千絵子_ポートレートAfter twelve months of conceptualising, discussing, composing, work-shopping, tweaking, talking, thinking and rehearsing, The Beauty Of 8 finally received its World Premiere on October 23-24 at Sydney’s York Theatre.

And what a couple of nights it proved to be! With poetry, percussion, dance, shakuhachi, song, and electronica – not to mention Bart Groen’s stunning set, Karen Norris’ luminous lighting and Ross A’hern’s sensitive sound design – all adding to the sound of our thunderous taiko, The Beauty Of 8 was more than just a taiko concert; international guest artist Chieko Kojima brought a level of sophistication and expressiveness that was not only beguiling, but also deeply spiritual – her mystical dance and stunning taiko playing was transcendent – and this, coupled with Riley Lee’s mellifluous shakuhachi, made for a truly wondrous combination.

In the 1970s, Chieko and Riley were members of the now-legendary taiko group Ondekoza, appearing together on many of the world’s great theatre and concert hall stages, and here we were – some 40 years later – hearing-seeing-feeling the results of these two consummate artists working together again!

In fact, it was Riley who introduced Taikoz to Chieko back in 2009 when we collaborated with members of Kodo. From the first rehearsal I just loved Chieko’s – what’s the best word? – alive-ness! Her spontaneity, creativity and sheer love of play seems to infect all who come into her orbit. And I must say it was an absolute thrill to have the opportunity to frame The Beauty Of 8 around Chieko’s skills and to (try and) capture her unique spirit.

Over the course of the past 18 years Taikoz’s aim has been to push the boundaries of our chosen medium, to deepen our collective expression and to explore our many-faceted sound-world. Thank you to all who came along for the ride and enjoyed Chieko, Riley and Taikoz in The Beauty Of 8.

January Intensive 2016


We’re thrilled that Sacramento Taiko Dan leader Tiffany Tamaribuchi has accepted our invitation to teach at next year’s Intensive. Tiffany is renown for her wonderful playing and teaching skills and there’s no doubt her sessions will be absolute dynamite! Keep the date…

JANUARY 8-10 / Galston Gorge.



2015 Guest Artist Tsubasa Hori (7 from right) and happy campers!