Child Safe Policy

This policy applies to all activities conducted on behalf of Synergy & Taikoz Ltd or with its consent, involving children under the age of 18.

Through our two groups Synergy Percussion and Taikoz, this company is committed to fostering the musical education of children in an environment that is child safe, child friendly and based on respect for the individual talents and characteristics of the children with whom our musicians work.

Ours is a Child Safe organisation. We are strongly committed to the belief that all children have the right to feel safe, respected, valued and protected from harm.

To ensure that all venues and contexts in which we work with children remain entirely free of any risk to those children’s security, happiness and wellbeing, we are committed to:

maintaining a clear focus on the needs of children

understanding and preventing risks to children, including risks of physical and psychological harm

ensuring that all our musicians, employees, volunteers and others who have contact with children have been trained in issues of child safety and are committed to upholding the highest standards of conduct

encouraging children to respect one another and the adults who work with them

encouraging children to voice any concerns they may have and responding to those concerns.

To these ends, we have appointed a Child Safety officer and we have adopted:

A Code of Conduct for Children and Teachers

Rigorous recruitment screening, including but not limited to the mandatory Working With Children Check

A Complaints Procedure, which children and parents are encouraged to use if they have any concern about safety or security

Regular Child Safe training for all teachers, members, volunteers and others who have contact with children, including understanding our legal obligations

Where appropriate, special Work Health and Safety provisions for children’s classes and activities

Guidelines for Child Safe behaviour, which are observed by all our members, employees, volunteers and others who have contact with children

Provisions for conducting regular reviews and, if appropriate, upgrades of our Child Safe system.


Child Safe Code of Conduct

Note: In this document, for the sake of simplicity and in accordance with the law, ‘children’ includes all young people under the age of 18.

Our organisation Synergy & Taikoz Ltd and our two professional music groups, Synergy Percussion and Taikoz, provide a welcoming, open and safe environment for every child participating in our music programs and related activities. All our teachers and others who assist them are dedicated to introducing children to the joys of music and helping them develop their potential as performers.

We seek advice, guidance and feedback from children, parents and our colleagues to ensure that our standards of Child Safety are maintained and our systems are constantly reviewed.

We also expect that children, their parents and carers will behave courteously to others, show respect to teachers and classmates and act cooperatively for the good of the group as a whole.

Code of conduct for Synergy Percussion and Taikoz

Each of our musicians, teachers, associates, staff, volunteers and others who have contact with children taking part in our music programs:

DO Strive to be a positive role model for children in every aspect of our children’s programs and activities
DO Treat everyone – children, parents, colleagues and others – with respect, sensitivity and honesty
DO Avoid favouritism or the appearance of favouritism and are careful to treat all children fairly
DO Set and maintain clear standards of appropriate behaviourby children and between childrenbetween adults and children
DO Encourage children to report bullying, abuse or other conduct that affects their safety or wellbeing – or that of other children
DO Act on complaints, report complaints and other problems to Synergy & TaikOz Ltd and strive to achieve remedies
DO At all times have paramount regard for children’s physical and psychological safety and wellbeing
DO Check that children use ear protection whenever loud music is played
DO Have physical contact with children only where it is strictly necessary to do so in order to demonstrate safe performance techniques, such as how to hold, strike or move a musical instrument. Where physical contact is necessary, act with propriety and make sure the child understands the purpose of the contact
DO Comply at all times with all the elements of our Child Safe System


Children’s Code of Conduct

The parents and carers of children in our programs are asked to ensure that their children:

understand what behaviour we expect from them;