Taiko No Wa

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About Taiko No Wa

Taiko no Wa is a performing ensemble made up of current Taikoz class members. Through Taiko no Wa, people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to express themselves in playing music together and, when the opportunity arises, bring the power and beauty of wadaiko to the wider public through performances at fetes, community festivals and the like. Taiko no Wa successfully auditioned for the 2011 Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest and was invited to participate as a finalist on the stage of Tokyo’s Aoyama Theatre, subsequently taking out first place. The ensemble returned to Tokyo in 2012 to perform in a concert featuring the previous 10 Wadaiko Contest winners. Taiko no Wa regularly performs at community events and fetes, as well as festivals such as the Illawarra and Woodford Folk Festivals. Members of Taiko no Wa also occasionally perform with Taikoz on the mainstage and at corporate and community events. Taikoz supports Taiko no Wa by offering tuition for performances and allowing use of their wide range of instruments and is delighted by the increasing popularity of Taiko no Wa as they are a very important contributor to Taikoz’s aim of raising the profile of the beautiful art of wadaiko throughout Australia. To join Taiko no Wa, it is a prerequisite to regularly attend at least one weekly Taikoz Elements I or II class and have a minimum of 12 months taiko playing experience.

Our name

Taiko no Wa translates as ‘circle of taiko’, which alludes to the circular form which emerges frequently both in the imagery and symbols of wadaiko, as well as in the graceful, circular movements of taiko players. The taiko circle also represents the ensemble itself. Though the members of the group span a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds and personalities, they come together to explore the many facets of taiko and have fun making music as a group. The circle image also serves as a reminder of the constant cycle of learning that is fundamental to the practice of wadaiko.

Taiko no Wa meets every Sunday from 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm at the Taikoz Ultimo studio. To join Taiko no Wa it is a prerequisite to regularly attend at least one weekly Elements I or II class, and have a minimum of 12 months playing experience. You are most welcome you to join us! Annual membership fee is $72. To join, please contact us